Little Tiny Waist Extra Compression, Non Latex Waist Trainer (1024 - Most Aggressive)

$ 79.99

Product Description

Are you ready for an EXTRA Compression to train your waist?

(Pre Order Ships 7- 14 Business Days)

Good thing we have aggressive waist trainers for sale!

Our Abdominal Powernet Waist Cincher is designed to control the waist, abdomen, and hips with HIGH COMPRESSION. It is great to use after surgery. The girdle is manufactured in double powernet that molds and enforces a control over the abdomen and the waist area.

  • The flexible metallic structure helps avoid the corset rolling up and aids in the wearer’s better posture.
  • There is a zipper for easy dressing and undressing, and the interior hooks are covered in cotton.
  • It is recommended to wear the girdle between 4 and 8 hours a day.
  • This non-latex waist trainer is created for those sensitive to latex.
  • Bra not included

Our extra compression waist cincher vest is our most aggressive trainer for sale. You’ll notice an instant 2-4 inches difference on your waist. Wear it for 4-8 hours daily, and keep up with a healthy diet and exercise routine for maximum results. The slimming shape allows you to wear it under clothing discreetly, but please do not wear this shaper to the gym! We have different workout corsets that serve that purpose.

Choosing The Right Size

This waist cincher runs one size smaller. To choose your correct size, it is advised to select one sizes up from your regular shirt size. For example, if you wear an X-Small top, please select size Small waist trainer.

The size chart shown has been proven to be 99 percent accurate for choosing the correct waist training. We want you to start waist training as soon as possible, so to properly order your corset for waist training, please follow our size chart, measuring your waist below the bellybutton.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Please be aware of the following product, company, and refund specifications:

We will not refund your purchase once checkout is complete.

Therefore, please be sure of your product before purchasing. We are happy to give you store credit instead of a refund. However if a cancellation is granted, there will be a $9 CANCELLATION FEE. If you have any doubts or questions, please email us first. We are happy to get back to you within 24-48 business hours.

Should you receive a damaged or incorrectly sized product, alert us within the first 72 hours by taking photos and emailing them to us. Then, we can work to send you a replacement waist training corset. However, if we do not hear from you within 72 hours, we will not be able to replace your product in good conscious.

We are not responsible for any shipping fees to return an incorrectly chosen waist cincher. If you are returning your waist cincher in any condition (without plastic bag etc.) other than original, there will be a $12 restocking fee. If your product is damaged, we will not accept your return and will be sending it back and will not issue a store credit or refund. Please inspect your product carefully upon receiving and/or returning.

Should you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact us via email or phone, and we will be happy to assist you!

Customer Reviews

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Here is what you need to know

I wanted to write this review in hopes of helping someone else. I am 7 weeks postpartum and I was looking for a waist trainer that would help with back support, shaping the waist, and one that would assist with weight loss.

I first want to say I am 5 ‘4ft, 181 lbs, and my waist measured 39-40 inches. I just the wrong size on my first order bc I was bit confused on the size chart. I got a 2X. I ended up getting an XL. The XL fit perfectly!

Let's talk about the trainer itself now. It's kinda long. It will cover your entire torso area if you are shorter. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the coverage because it gets the job done. Also, I pull the trainer down and it covers the top stomach down to the end of my stomach which is what matters to me.

The quality is good to me. It seems durable and for the first 15 minutes with it on or less I started to sweat which was a good sign to me. I think it would be fine to workout in.

Overall it's comfortable, durable, and gets the job done in coverage. I'm not sure if it's detectable under clothing but I would assume so. It's fall and so not a concern for me since we are wearing coats and heavy clothing. Good luck ladies on your waist training journey.

Worth the price, but read several reviews before purchase.

I debated buying a L or XL as I am currently 39”ish around the waist. I read previous reviews and resorted to the lying on the floor method for putting it on. It was a very tight fit on the first clasp, but that was what I wanted. I buttoned from bottom to top first, but have since been going from top to bottom and found that easier. “Results” are certainly instant. It has a low profile and I can wear it under tight fitting clothes with only small noticeable tells (or none at all as you can see under my work shirt). I have worn it for about three days now, washing once. You definitely are warmer, as the non-breathing outer material traps in the heat. I washed it with my regular laundry, but I didn’t read the drying instructions and threw it into the dryer, but I took it out quickly before the load was done and it suffered minimal damage. Next time I will let it air dry.
I would definitely recommend it. I will be ordering the L soon.

Instant Slimming

I like that it instantly slims and doesn't roll up. Highly suggest going by recommended sizing.

Just had a baby and I love it!

I'm 5"3 started at 175 now 165 wearing the Xl I've had 3 c-sections my waist was 38 inches now it's 36 inches love the fit does not smell very comfortable I wear it for 9 hours a day I ordered me another in L can't wait to fit into that ❤️❤️


First off I just wanna say that this is an unpaid unbiased review that I in no way received any sort of compensation for. I feel like that's important to say so that people can distinguish between real, and fake reviews .Now the tea...

My measurements: 34.5 inch waist
What trainer I got: L

Day 1: when you first put on this trainer you are going to try to wrap it around your waist and go....there's no way. Keep going! It will probably take you about 10-20 minutes of huffing, puffing and struggling but trust me that's just how trainers are the first time you put them on! Don't be afraid that its going to be painful or uncomfortable either it will end up fitting you perfectly and feel like a nice tight hug. This is not an instant difference the first day you need to wear it for at least 2 hours...then bump that up until you finally feel comfortable sitting in it for 8 hours a day! DISCLAIMER: If you do not wear this every day consistently it will do nothing for CANNOT wear this once a week and expect curves....nor can you expect them in a day. Give the waist trainer at least a fair chance and allow it to start molding your body. Once you get the ideal effect you can go into what I call "maintenance mode" where you only have to wear it a couple times a week to keep up with yourself (this usually takes months to get to and if you stop waist training cold turkey your body will go back to it's original shape!) . Also you can just wear this day to day and see a result but remember diet, and exercise will help not only expedite your progress but make this work even harder for you!

Overall for the money this waist cincher is well build, durable, gives you the same result as those other super expensive brands but with a bigger bang for your buck. I would 100% reccomend