When to Wear a Waist Shaper

Here at Little Tiny Waist we are passionate about helping you redefine your body shape to provide you with the perfect curves you have always wanted. Our waist shaper corsets make achieving the tiny waist you want a simple task. Simply purchase your choice of cincher corsets, slip on the shapewear corset with a quick fastening of the hooks, and you are on your way to the perfect hourglass shape. If you have purchased your waist shaper corset, you may be wondering, when exactly should I be wearing my waist shaper? We have a few tips for the best times to use your corset waist cincher.

At the Gym

Want to ramp up your workout without working any harder? Choose a workout corset to start wearing to the gym. By wearing your corset for waist training during a workout you can see faster results. The waist training corset contracts your core and increases your posture while you go about your normal gym routine. Remember, this body shaper is doing more than simply shaping your body for the time being. You are training your waist to maintain an hourglass shape. What better time to train your waist than at the gym? Not only will the training corset help your workout be more effective, you will gain the added bonus of increased confidence.

Going to the gym can be intimidating and often leads us women to feeling ashamed of our figure. Wearing your body shaper corset will help you feel better about yourself and let your true figure shine through while you work out. This means you can enjoy your workout carefree with the body confidence you deserve.

At the Office

Next time you are headed to the office, consider slipping on your waist shaper. Why is the office on our list of recommended times to wear your waist training corset? There are a variety of benefits to wearing your waist shaper to work. For starters, the waist training corset will help you with posture as you sit at your desk. Our shapewear corsets will help you maintain the proper posture for your back no matter if you are sitting or standing. This can help immensely during long hours at the office. This improved posture is not only good for you, it also improves your appearance. A slouched over back is not nearly as attractive as a back standing tall.

This leads to the next reason you should wear your waist training corset to work. The waist shaper will help give you a sleeker, more professional appearance. What pairs better with your favorite office skirt and top than a sleek hourglass figure? When you implement your waist cinching corset with your normal office apparel, you will feel like you have a whole new wardrobe! Watch as the waist cincher gives you the professional, sleek style you have been wanting to achieve.

Night on the Town

Do you have a fancy date coming up? Perhaps you and the girls are going to hit the clubs? No matter what your occasion is for a night on the town, this is the perfect time to debut your incredible, curvy figure with your cincher corset. Our waist shaper corsets pair excellently with any evening apparel. Your cocktail dress has never looked better than when you wear it with your waist training corset. Not only will the waist shaper give you the perfect tiny waist with a stunning hourglass figure, it will also lift your chest, providing an overall enhanced figure. Our waist shaper corsets will help you look your best for your next fun night out! Instead of slinking away from a photo with the girls, you can look forward to seeing how fantastic you look in the next social media posting.

Holiday Parties

You know what time of year it is! The holiday season is upon us which means going to parties, seeing old friends, and revisiting with family. Before you deck the halls and head to the next big family gathering, throw on a waist shaper corset. There is no better way to impress and wow your old friends and family than by showing up with a stunning hourglass figure. You have always been beautiful, but now you can enter every party with an increase in confidence. Not only will the waist training corset give you an improved look for all the upcoming holiday parties, it will help you with food portion control. One of the benefits of our waist training corsets is that through compression they help reduce the amount of food you need to consume to feel full. You will be able to enjoy smaller portions of holiday treats with complete satisfaction. This can help aid you in an overall decrease in your waist size.


Are you ready to start enjoying a sleek, curvy look? Do you want to improve your confidence? Then we encourage you to find the right waist training corset for you. Start training your waist today and let your body shine the way it was meant to!