Vest+Caffeine Cream(Great results for Back Fat , Posture, and Abdomen)

$ 129.00

Product Description

  • Corrects posture, controls waist and abdomen.
  • Double positioning for adjustability.
  • Lined with a 100% cotton lycra.
  • Perfect Women with Back Fat
  • Can be worn under clothing

    Our Beauty and Body Caffeine Cream is simply the best! It helps

     achieve a flat belly while helping burning fat and eliminate stretch marks while reducing the

    appearance of cellulite.

     A slimmer Silhouette in as little as two weeks!

     Perfect to use with our Waist Cincher to help achieve that Gorgeous Hourglass Waist.

     Simply apply Caffeine Cream around your waist after shower. Wrap your abdomen

    with a plastic wrap(Saran Wrap/Food Wrap) Firmly.

     Use 6-8 hours each use.